Little Buildings launched their crowdfunding appeal this week as part of the #SaveOurVenues campaign launched by the Music Venue Trust. We had a chat with venue boss Allan Scorer about the rise of the venue and how fans can help keep it open for good….

How would you describe the importance of Little Buildings to the people of Ouseburn and Newcastle?

When we reopened in our new location the customers all loved the new place and collectively a sigh of relief was heard throughout the valley.

Everyone loved that our brand was back not bigger but better reinforcing our belief that we are an integral part of not only the Ouseburn but the City, within a matter of weeks we had bookings in the diary as far ahead as October. Locals and nationals want to play Little Buildings.

The venue has a reputation for great atmosphere and top line ups that would rival some bigger venues out there. How did the venue get to this level?

Sheer hard graft, super friendly staff and management, first 18 months was very hard but all of a sudden we got it, people got it, bands got it and it all fell into place.

Dead South at Little Buildings

What local bands have you been listening to recently?

Too many to list as we feel its our duty to listen to everything the North East has to offer, it really would be unfair to pick out individual bands as there are some absolutely phenomenal acts up here.

We love your idea of selling recordings of historic live sets to raise cash for the venue – how did the idea come about?

One of our regular customers fessed up he had been recording for his own use and offered us about 80 bands sets, he did all the hard work and credit to him for letting us use the material.

What will the donations mean to Little Buildings and what will the cash go towards? 

It’s only a small place but the landlord still wants his rent, utilities still need paid, loans repayed, wholesalers etc. No one is getting paid wages to try and stretch out what we have. This will run out in a couple of months so donations will help keep the pressure off until we can go full tilt again, who’s up for 7 gigs in 7 days!! and repeat.

For every £88 you raise, Little Buildings can pay the bills for one more day while in lockdown.