Last week Gigs in Scotland managed the For The Love of Scotland fundraiser online hosted by Edith Bowman to raise cash for Masks 4 Scotland. Following its massive success, we chatted to Aarti Joshi Head of Marketing, Communications & Sponsorship at DF Concerts about how it was set up and tips on how others can make their online events just as successful….

What inspired the For The Love Scotland streaming event to be set up? 

It was the brainchild of the lovely Edith Bowman, after being contacted by the equally excellent Jack Lowden. Edith contacted us to host the stream on our Gigs in Scotland page and we just went from there. Unbelievable work on Edith’s part pulling together all the amazing names in such a short period of time! 

For the Love of Scotland was quite a line-up! What process did you go through to get everyone involved? 

This was all Edith. She basically went through her black book and pulled in favours – in aid of an amazing cause. 

What advice would you give those wanting to set up their own live stream fundraisers?

An obvious one but test your live stream ahead of going live!  

Also, make sure you have a zoom ‘ waiting’ room so the guests are ready to go on when you need them and set up a zoom call with everyone involved to monitor comments etc!

We were also feeding good comments to Edith via a teleprompter (we just used an active google sheet) which helps tie up what’s happening on socials with the live stream itself – keeping everything on message and making it more interactive.

Your fundraising activities from For The Love Scotland to The Nae Pub Quiz have had thousands of people engaging, what tips would you give for getting the word out?

Get yourself an Andy Dunlop! Andy is our host and has been super proactive and been doing quizzes for the love of it. He’s great at continually refreshing the format and also awarding a prize every time so there is an incentive to join. 

Finally, for those who missed the For The Love Scotland last week, is there any way to still donate to the cause? 

Absolutely! Click on 

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