Shane Grieve is Director of a Live Event Production Company called Rogue City Pro and has worked on many televised and streamed set up in his time.

We asked him what advice he would give to anyone who has a live event in a venue or festival that they would like to stream, and this is what he had to say:

  1. I would say the first thing to consider is the content. Really plan that out and think about design; what do you want to say and how.
  2. Research the channels you want to showcase your stream and ask for assistance from show partners and sponsors about promoting your stream. 
  3. Technically, make sure the venue/site has a robust internet, preferably a dedicated connection.
  4. Think of your stream as a bona fide production. Lighting and sound should match the high standard you’d expect from your live show, or people will turn off within 30 seconds.
  5. The sound and lighting designers should be involved from the outset. These are the guys that can help the stream look and sound the best it can, and it benefits everyone.
  6. Some additional lighting may be required to highlight performances for the broadcast. 
  7. I always feel that along with the live sound feed, it’s good to have microphones collecting the “ambient” crowd noises. This really helps those watching feel the live vibe – the heart and soul the show.
  8. Quality broadcasts, done well, could then open up future revenue streams via subscriptions and sponsorship.