With over 10 year’s experience in social marketing and digital marketing across music and live events, Camille Ainsworth shares her 5 tips for promoters and venues.

Marketing analytics

Collect and retarget your data

Long gone are the days where digital marketing is about buying numbers of impressions on sites. Now we can define our audiences and create lookalikes in a few easy steps.

If you have a website, make sure you have a Facebook pixel on it so you can collect data to market to. As a rule of thumb, people need to see your product 3 times before it registers in their minds. Lookalike audiences can also be made on Facebook – an easy way to widen the reach of your audience on Facebook is to create lookalike audiences based on your previous purchaser data.


Make the most of Facebook Events

Promote your Facebook Events before you go on sale. In our experience the shows where the events are marketed for as little as £100 tend to perform really well during on sale.

You can also use your Facebook Events to push further ticket releases, merchandise, drink offers and any future tours you think the audience would like.

Group observing Social Marketing

Promote your event on the channel where your fanbase are

  1. Facebook is ideal for regular online buyers who are age 25+
  2. Instagram has a slightly lower demographic although it is hard to convert
  3. Twitter has a younger audience and many people are looking for up to the minute info
  4. SnapChat and TikTok have very young audiences and are in their infancy in terms of ad platforms/analytics

You will likely want to use a mixture of platforms to make the most of it.

Social Marketing

Use Stories on Instagram and Facebook

Video works wonders for social marketing. In fact some sources say video will make up 82% of all internet traffic in 2020.

As a result, brands are increasing budgets across the business worlds and putting them into Stories where they have seen better results. It’s also super simple to include your site/ticket link.

Social Marketing channels

Remember fans are engaging with more private channels

As the trend in privacy continues in social media, consider trialling more private channels for special offers and exclusive info, and use feeds via your page for reach.

For example use a Group on your Facebook page for the latest details for your festival – and be sure to invite your mailing list. Alternatively use a WhatsApp list for your mailing list, getting you closer to the fan and where it is easier for them to share your offer/update.

Use the carrot of exclusive up to date info to get fans to commit to those more intimate channel communications.