Start a crowdfunder campaign

Whether you need support to keep paying the bills or you want to support your freelance staff and crew, crowdfunding campaigns are a great way to enable donations from your fans.

We’ve also seen lots of creative reward packages, such as Georgian Theatre’s offering to write a song for you for a £50 donation or a month on the venue guest list for £75.

Sell some merch

Some organisations are offering merch packages, but also selling merch outside their crowdfunder campaign. We love the merch that The Cluny have just launched.

Create a gift card

On Ticketmaster you can create a co-branded gift card for your fans to purchase now and redeem on your events when they start up again.

Take your event online

There are loads of people out there missing live events, and looking for events to stream online. Many are prepared to pay for access especially if it’s exclusive content and offer something additional as part of the experience.

Consider taking your event format online to engage your fans and get those all important ticket sales.