Photo by Connie Tsang.


As the Cask Days team was searching for the right ticketing solution, they were primarily concerned with maximizing ticket sales for five separate ticketed sessions during the festival.

They also wanted to be sure that fans would not be redirected to a 3rd party ticketing website and interfere with the customer purchasing process.

Additionally, as the event began to grow year after year, they needed access to pertinent attendee demographic information.


Cask Days used the Universe Ticket Sales directly on their website to eliminate friction with the customer purchasing flow.

They created unique listings for each session and leveraged the direct sales on their site to ticket the sessions on separate listings while making it easy to navigate from one session to another.

This maximized sales and reduced confusion regarding
the date and time of the actual session.


With the help of our ticketing solution and combined efforts, they were able to exponentially scale their events.

After implementing sales on their site, the number of sales and attendees doubled and their website became the one stop shop for all things Cask Days.

As the festival continues to grow, the team will tap into more of the reporting and data gathered within the dashboard.

Universe provides unmatched customer service. They take into consideration customer feedback, and have worked closely with us to provide a ticketing platform that fits our needs as a business. I have used this service for numerous of years for both my festival Cask Days and beer bar Birreria Volo.”

Julian Morana, President & Co-Founder