1. Create space for fans with a floor or seating plan

You could space out seating and sell in sets of 2, 4, 6 or how ever many you choose.

If your seating is unreserved or you have a standing event, you can manage the number of people in one area by selling tickets in sections.

2. Stagger entry to your event

If you have an exhibition or attraction that’s open all day then Timed Entry options are perfect for you.

If you have a staged event such as a concert, comedy gig or theatre show, you may want to stagger entry times for your fans to avoid everyone rushing in at once.

3. Keep your box office online

With digital tickets you can sell tickets online after doors have opened, right through to the main act or last few hours of the event.

If you do decide to sell tickets on the door, many ticketing apps can enable contactless payment using a square reader so there’s no need to handle cash and your fans can get a ticket in one tap.

4. Contactless scanning

Hands free scanners are the ideal way to keep entry contactless.

Many scanners work with stand alone pedestals to allow fans to scan their own tickets when they enter an event.

If you’ don’t want to borrow or pass around scanners for your staff to use, there are ticketing apps that turn your smartphone or android phone into a scanner and connect up to your event account.

Also, smartphones can scan through glass and perspex just like scanners, keeping both your fans and staff safe.

5. Monitor capacity in real time

Use real time reports to monitor the number of fans entering the event, monitor capacities of each floor or section and manage the fan flow.